100% Cotton Wash Cloth & Soap Saver Set

100% Cotton Wash Cloth & Soap Saver Set

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Beautifully hand knitted and crocheted in Coromandel, eco-friendly, 100% cotton compostable washcloth and soap saver set in lots of colors!

Wash cloth approx. 17cm x 17cm and soap saver 9cm x 9cm

This lovely set is perfect for a birthday present, housewarming, baby-shower, Mother's and Father's day gifts, or just for anyone who needs a little extra pampering, and of course no reason needed if you want it yourself. 

If there is a specific color you want, please contact us immediately and if in stock, will send it to you.  Alternatively, please let us know if there is a color you WOULD NOT like. If we don't hear from you, we will randomly select a cloth and soap saver and send it to you.