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Our Story



Hi there! 

I'm Donna. My hubby Mike and I, together with our four teenage children live in Whangamatā on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula. We love everything about nature and our great outdoors! Being in our amazing environment is what motivates us to preserve it - for us here and now, and for the generations to come.

Are you on a journey of living a simpler life, to use natural products, (with ingredients you can actually pronounce), to tread lightly on our whenua - land. If so, nau mai, haere mai...welcome!

Our small, whānau beekeeping business is making an effort to care for our bees, people and planet.

Four years ago, Livvy, then 9yrs old came home from school announcing "We must stop using plastic … because it's killing the sea turtles!". Their enquiry on ‘Te Moana’ was looking at the effects of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans.

Being beekeepers, I decided to have a go at making these 'beeswax wraps' that were becoming more popular. To save the turtles, yes - AND to show Livvy that you're never too young to be a voice of change. Littlbit Wraps was born to encourage and remind people that making small, sustainable changes to care for Papatūānuku - Mother Earth - is enough. Just do a little bit every day...or every other day! A little bit CAN make a big difference!

Naturally Coromandel has been a natural fit for us, and we are so excited to continue to bring these beautiful products to you also.

Thanks for being a part of our journey toward a simpler life - getting back to basics to make time for what's really important.


Donna x