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Beautiful artisan soaps, will not be buying from the supermarket again! - Donna


Most soaps leave my skin itchy or dry, not these lovely ones! So gentle and leave your skin feeling great. Doggy soap is also excellent for our dog who has allergies to lots of things including commercial shampoos. As for the lip balms, so good to find a natural alternative that actually stays on your lips without having to apply every five mins. Nice one Jo!! - Chanelle


Their soaps are divine, they make your skin so soft and lovely . Fabulous in your hair too! ❤️ - Maria


great products with great service! loved the sight of no plastic too





So I just got and tried your dog soap today. 4 dogs bathed. I was hesitant after 1 dogs coat felt coarse when lathering BUT Wow oh wow amazing results. Not only 4 clean dogs but dogs with soft coats.
Thank you for such an awesome product. 20/10 - Jo


OMG...bought the dog soap for my puppy and I ♡ it...Her fur is soooo soft.Put the bar on a sponge and she was soapy in no time...Thanks Naturally Coromandel. Will def be getting more. - Robyn