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Kānuka with Mānuka Honey MGO 60 - 1kg

Kānuka with Mānuka Honey MGO 60 - 1kg

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Our hives target the rich and diverse nectars of the Coromandel bush, and we're so excited to bring you this stunning, creamy honey.

With smooth butterscotch notes of our native kānuka, along with our mānuka, we're sure you will love this season's limited edition. 

With the added benefit of being tested and rated MGO 60, this sought after honey of Aotearoa is available straight to your doorstep!

Depending on the rhythms of nature, and which particular species flower each year - our native bush blend varies from season to season - and we think that's pretty special!

It means every year brings a different blend of nectars, each crop a limited edition!

Enjoy on toast, in hot drinks, smoothies, as an alternative to sugar, or straight off the spoon!

Our most popular size, a great way to get your daily dose of Coromandel goodness!

The perfect size for families, or your serious honey lover. -(like me!)